Warning: Thinking & Speaking Positively May Cause You To Change The World

My Journey to Strong Girl

They say super hero’s don’t exist…but for me as a young girl growing up, I was blessed to have my Grandma Ruby as my SUPER HERO.

As a young girl I was an insecure, bullied, and lacked confidence in myself.

My Super Hero, my Grandma Ruby, somehow knew what was going on with me, she never said anything, but she instinctively knew my self image fading.

She would always call me her Strong Girl and she would fill my head with encouraging words and stories of strength. She taught me to use my own words to speak faith and positivity into my life. 

Her words and strength are why I can write and speak about this today. She embodied the “Strong Girl Spirit” in the tough world I lived in. She was ALWAYS up and ALWAYS positive, she was ahead of her time.

Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar for far too many girls today.

To all the girls out there…

YOU are a Strong Girl! 

YOU are amazing! 

YOU do make a difference.


Terrie Nathan 

Aka…Strong Girl


 Terrie Nathan is an International Best-selling Author, Speaker and CEO of Strong Girl Enterprises. She coaches and educates organizations, teachers, moms and young girls in middle school to cultivate confidence by teaching them strategies on positive self talk, self worth and body image. 

Terrie is a former HR director of a Fortune 200 company and has 25+ years of experience empowering leaders to strategize change within their personal teams. 

She has been featured in Tidewater Family Magazine, Fast Company, and Predictive Index to name a few. Additionally she has facilitated workshops for 20,000+ audience members supporting them in behavioral transformations. 

Terrie draws her strength, energy, and desire to help girls & women everywhere from her amazing adult children Monica, Dean, Mary, teenage granddaughters Desi and Rylee and biggest fan and husband Eric. 

Terrie has now made it her life's mission to be that voice for young girls, like her grandma was for her, and to teach these transformational strategies of empowerment on large stages and partnerships for young girls and their mentors.